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TERMINATOR™ is installed on the inlet water supply of mains pressure water heaters, in conjunction with a safe tray, without drain.

To set, rotate cap 90 degrees against spring torque; allows flow to the water heater.

When the water heater fails water collects in the safe tray. A float rises & releases the cap. It rotates & isolates the inlet water supply.

Press the easily accessible test button to test operation.

AS/NZS 3500.4:2003 requires protection against damage from leaking water heaters.

TERMINATOR™ is an Approved Shut-off Device that helps Plumbers meet their compliance obligations.

Installing safe tray drains is not always easy, but protection against damage from leaking water is still required by Standards.

TERMINATOR™ provides an Easy Approved Option to help Plumbers meet their compliance obligations for new and replacement water heater installations.

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National Standards

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ATS 5200.476
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